Claire’s (online) Chronicles is moving!

3 Jul

I’m finally migrating my little blog onto permanently. This wordpress blog will still be up, but for new updates, head over to – which also has all the posts that I’ve ever put up on here.

The look of my new site is still a little (a lot) of a work-in-progress, so excuse the wonky layout and the strange changes over the next few weeks. I’m trudging on through the process (mostly) on my own, and my attempts at “design” are sometimes a little… questionable. Forgive me! 

So if you’ve stumbled onto my blog, please click over to and update your RSS feeds, etc. If you’d like to receive email updates when there are new posts, there’s an easy subscribe button on the sidebar.

Much love and happiness,


Music Mondays: Here he comes

1 Jul


A bit of a dark one today.

Happy Monday! x

Things I Love Thursday

27 Jun

  • Exams being OVER. That was one horrible exam session. Not the worst ever, but the toll on my body and mental health was definitely the Worst Ever.
  • Names which have two capital letters in it. Sorry, inside joke. Hilarious inside joke. <3
  • Reading a novel, mmm.
  • Catching two buses in one day and not having to wait for more than a minute and not dying of heat. (And not having to drive/look for parking/walk a mile!)
  • One of the best hot dogs ever
  • My best friend, Annie, who is the best
  • My other best friend, Anna, who is equally amazing
  • Success and teamwork and completion
  • Indian food and a glass of wine at the perfect moment
  • Getting a discount for my boyfriend
  • Glorious swims
  • Octopus (to eat!)
  • A wine + cheese evening with my wonderful boyfriend. SO GOOD.
  • Plans and efficiency
  • Almond flakes on top of a nutella pancake <3

Music Mondays: Love is won when we’re bound and still feel free

24 Jun


Just two more days of studying, and then I can plunge myself into summer. FINALLY.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Mainly – a cat in a sink.

23 Jun

My cat wouldn’t get out of the kitchen sink a few days ago. Why? I have no idea. I don’t think it was to cool off, because other parts of the house (away from a sunny window) were a million times cooler. Hmm.

Below – an awesome friend of mine brought me AMAZING notebooks from the US! I do love notebooks. Pardon the chipped nail polish.

My father brought me a few gifts this week after a little trip… <3

This week holds my LAST EXAM OF FIFTH YEAR LAW. Cannot wait. It’s on Wednesday, and I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m going for a celebratory day-cruise after the exam is over, and I can’t wait to kick off some Summer Plans.

Things I Love Thursday

20 Jun

THE TILT IS BACK. I can barely believe that it’s a week since The Exam of Horror and Doom. But it is. And I’ve been swimming every day since, and working hard at other things (including some studying for my next and final exam…)

  • Swimming!
  • Surviving Criminal Procedure
  • Delicious food with a dear old friend
  • New notebooks
  • My phone
  • Finishing Maltese proofread exams
  • More proofreading of awesome theses
  • A really wonderful celebration with one of my best friends with pink cava and delicious nibbles and so much conversation (and swimming, too!)
  • A birthday lunch of fun and giggles
  • Boyfriend support
  • Summer starting properly
  • Lots of eating out
  • Wrapping presents and creating a Hamper of Awesome
  • Happy bonding

Music Mondays: can you tell that I am alive

17 Jun


I want to learn all the instruments and make my own version of this song. So good.