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Medley of Miscellany

20 Nov

This concept is fantastic. Charts that help you do a little every day towards a goal. I had used it to do a little work every day on my MA dissertation when I was at the very start of the process.

Such a pretty, fresh kitchen (below). Little candles, plants, wooden shelves.


This looks like heaven. (Also, that’s one of my favourite books ever.)

More links:

A third ear?! This is a great gift idea for quirky girls.

A Hold On Tight shelf.

Cue nostalgia: my old home in Durham. I lived in the ‘richly-decorated ceiling’ second floor left room. Photos will come eventually, I promise.


Medley of Miscellany

18 Sep


Such a beautiful reading nook.

Museum touch tours! Wow.


Cake is the best thing ever, right? Promising (and beautiful!) recipes here and here.

I’ve spoken about Smaggle’s Why Don’t You…? posts before, and this one is particularly splendid. Mystery picnics! Flowers for your neighbour! A mid-week massage!

I want this NARS blusher, and this MAC mineralise skin finish.

Table manners! How to eat dinner.

Ten single purpose websites you should use.

Medley of Miscellany

12 Sep


The Medleys are back! YEAH. I’ve got a tonne of stuff which I’m aching to share with you all, even if some of it might be a little “out-dated”, like this really beautiful video above, which is about a girl’s spring break.

Below: isn’t this the best umbrella ever? (Source.)

Can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones. I’m also trying to read the books, but that will take a while.


I’ve been to Scotland countless times, but I’ve never done it like this: staying at a little cottage in the wilderness for a week.

I really, really, really want to visit Iran. A gorgeous Persian adventure.

Some beautiful stationery here (shared with me by my lovely friend Elizabeth, who knows I’m stationery mad).

The best productivity secret ever. This really helped a few months ago when I needed to be doing consistent work every single day.

Medley of Miscellany

23 Jun

Now, wouldn’t this be convenient?

A very striking picture below, don’t you think?

I recently started a tumblr dedicated to Malta, and it’s actually been making me a little homesick. (Mostly for the glorious sun, blue skies, and rocky coastline.)

This post about an online shop called Ship & Shape has made me fall in love with all the colourful items… especially those YEAH! cards.

Baking soda: the multi-purpose product.

I must make this someday. For someone special. =) (OR THIS.)

I’d like every single one of these products, please.

Medley of Miscellany

12 Jun

A biscotti recipe which I’d like to try. Double baking seems to be the key!

(Below) This is one of my favourite positions:

Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while:


I really want to give this a go. Pity it’s so expensive. But it’s only a matter of time before I give in to the wonders of Lush (yet again).

A favourite piece of art (which I saw at an exhibition in Dublin last March).

Please, someone, agree to spend an afternoon making this with me.

Oh my, what was this exhibition and why did I not visit it oh it’s so cool.

So many delicious sauces.

Medley of Miscellany

25 Apr

This kitty seems to have a clear direction in life. Yes.

Winston had a couple of excellent thoughts, it seems:

(I’m trying to keep my enthusiasm level as high as possible. YEAH!)

This lemon body scrub seems divine. I really want to make a batch one day.

A bit of an old post, but these are 10 places to move abroad and extend your life – there are some lovely ideas (even just for trips and travels).

Durham University is the place for everything about Sudan, and this researcher’s blog is incredibly captivating.

Some of my favourite sweeties.

Expansive learning is your friend.

Medley of Miscellany

20 Apr

Wouldn’t you want to be greeted by this kitty in the morning?

I know that I would love to have a little nook of this sort (fairy lights, massive cushions, and kitty included please) when I have a proper place of my own.

OK, now this guy is just ridiculous. (Ridiculously cute!) (I often feel like this, actually.)

Know your wool.

When I become a “proper” adult (with, like, a house/apartment of my own, and adult friends to visit), I’m totally making these handmade party favours every time I go to a dinner or party. Adorable and actually useful.

This cake is an overdose of some of my favourite things: Nutella, and cake. Oh, and cream. YUM.

Another thing for when I am a Proper Adult: a breakfast nook. Because when I’m a Proper Adult I’m totally going to have Proper Breakfasts. Oh yes.