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Claire’s (online) Chronicles is moving!

3 Jul

I’m finally migrating my little blog onto www.clairebonello.com permanently. This wordpress blog will still be up, but for new updates, head over to clairebonello.com – which also has all the posts that I’ve ever put up on here.

The look of my new site is still a little (a lot) of a work-in-progress, so excuse the wonky layout and the strange changes over the next few weeks. I’m trudging on through the process (mostly) on my own, and my attempts at “design” are sometimes a little… questionable. Forgive me! 

So if you’ve stumbled onto my blog, please click over to www.clairebonello.com and update your RSS feeds, etc. If you’d like to receive email updates when there are new posts, there’s an easy subscribe button on the sidebar.

Much love and happiness,