Sunday Photo Mishmash: PROCEDURE IS OVER.

16 Jun

My body and soul are engulfed by relief right now. This week was taxing – but that’s the biggest understatement ever. I had a Maltese exam on Monday (which was quite difficult but was fine overall). Then the pressure really got to be a bit overwhelming for a couple of days as I prepared for Criminal Procedure. Ugh. It was hell. BUT it’s over now, and I seem to have done well enough to pass (hopefully), which is all I need at this point. Nope, not becoming a defence lawyer or anything like that any time soon.

The past two days have been a whirlwind of swimming, drinking sparkling alcoholic things, and doing a lot of little housekeeping-related things. I even had time to write a little post yesterday about how to survive music festivals. And I started watching Hannibal. It’s all good. My next (and final) exam is a week on Wednesday (on the 26th) and my plan for today is to (1) relax a bit more (2) get some proofreading done (3) maybe look at some law notes (or maybe not). Ahh, life is good. My skin is already moving towards being more tanned than pasty white, and the temperatures have started hitting the 30s (finally).

After my exam in 10 days’ time, life will have to get back into high gear (work work work), BUT it will also mean that exams are over and swimming opportunities are abundant. So much to look forward to.


How to Survive a Music Festival

15 Jun


FESTIVALS. Don’t you love them? It’s quite a must if you’re a music + people + travel lover that you take yourself to a music festival. Europe does music festivals really well, and there’s always one going on during every weekend in Summer. My main music festival experience has been Glastonbury 2011. I’ve also been to other, smaller festivals. Fun times.

I actually don’t think I’m up for going to another major festival like Glasto – it was so tiring and overwhelming and dirty. Even though I saw amazing acts and drank all the delicious cider of Somerset, I had quite a few miserable moments. BUT, I would heartily recommend going to a festival, and I’ve decided to compile a little guide to help you survive your music festival experience (including a few things you should definitely take along). Mainly: enjoy yourself and always remember where you’ve pitched your tent.


  1. Hygiene is important – take wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, deodorant.
  2. Wellies – my boyfriend thinks that hiking boots are a better option, but I still think wellies are the way to go. They’ll keep your legs (up till your knees, at least) free from that awful mud, and even though your wellies will start weighing a tonne as soon as they become caked in mud, it’s better than having your feet soaked in the aforementioned mud.
  3. A drawstring bag – light, and necessary.
  4. A water bottle (refill often).
  5. A small purse for money.
  6. If you’re camping, then don’t forget the obvious: tent, sleeping bag, pillow(!), etc.
  7. Consider taking/buying a fold-up chair for surprisingly welcome comfort.
  8. Get ready to stand or trudge through mud for a hell of a long amount of time
  9. Let go. Once you’re at a festival, you’re not going to be showering often, you’re going to need to be laid back: enjoy the music, the sights, the food…
  10. Don’t eat or drink too much. That would keep bathroom visits to a minimum.
  11. But do try out a few “stranger” things that can be found at music festivals. Ostrich burgers, amazing cider, South African delicacies… so many options!
  12. Take an extra mobile phone battery. There will be charging stations, but they will have a ridiculously long queue.
  13. Take a flag or two. You’ll find your tent easier, and have something to wave.
  14. Sunscreen. Lots of it. Even if it’s cloudy.
  15. Take some food. Cereal bars, beef jerky, crisps, nuts, biscuits.
  16. Prepare for all sorts of weather. Take wind cheaters, rain coats, (plastic) hats, sunglasses, scarves.
  17. Dry shampoo.
  18. A little mirror (optional, but useful when you need to check up on your face-paint or any mosquito bites on the face area – ick).
  19. A map of the festival grounds/surrounding areas.
  20. Embrace the hippie in you: paint flowers on your face, dance with people who are probably so high they can’t be pinned down, drink crazy-organic/vegan/raw/whatever juice,
  21. Maybe buy a really cheap phone to use for the duration of the festival. And a disposable camera. It won’t be pleasant if you lose/damage/get robbed of your smartphone or DSLR camera, right?
  22. A roll of toilet paper will be useful. And some more tissues while you’re at it.
  23. Clothes that you won’t mind getting destroyed by the mud/crazy jumping around/elements.
  24. Some sort of jacket/coat which you’re comfortable in, will keep you warm and dry, and has pockets. Maybe this shouldn’t be your favourite coat. And add a plastic raincoat to your list. You might need it.


So those are my top tips for surviving music festivals. Let me know if you’d like any other information, and enjoy your music festival experience.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Procedure

9 Jun

It’s been an interesting week. My stress levels just won’t go down, but the end is so close. The end of procedure, that is. I’d still have another exam on 26 June, but that’ll be fine. This week will contain two Maltese exams and the Biggest Exam Ever in the shape of the Law of Criminal Procedure and Evidence. Interesting, but ick.

The photo above is of a little meal I prepared for myself earlier this week. Healthy, yes. Delicious, mmm. I obviously devoured a box of chocolate biscuits after eating that, but STILL. Asparagus forever.

Hopefully next Sunday there won’t be a Sunday Photo Mishmash because I’ll be chin-deep in sun and sea and slushies…

Things I Love Thursday

6 Jun

  • Fresh chocolate croissants (delivered to your door by an awesome boyfriend)
  • The ability to say “screw it” and nap for a couple of hours
  • An evening with some of Dave’s super-fun cousins
  • Waffles with The Best Jam
  • Cooking! (roasted asparagus + cashew nuts, and this pasta salad)
  • Evenings with wine and the absolute loveliest friends
  • Going to a stand-up comedy night (which is something that I generally despise but there were glimmers of entertainment, and I had tonnes of fun with my friends, which was fantastic)
  • Booking a weekend of fun for the first week in July – cannot wait – all I’m living for
  • Seeing my proofreading clients hand in their theses – it’s like I‘ve also given in that thesis!
  • Swimming in the glorious sea (and doing a bit of snorkelling)
  • Going into a WWII bomb shelter
  • Visiting two market/open day type things
  • Doing a Maltese exam and getting it over with
  • Twitter
  • Making a little vow to read all the A Song of Ice and Fire books before Season 4 of Game of Thrones.
  • Knowing that this time next week I’ll be rid of Maltese Criminal Law of Procedure and Evidence, ugh.
  • Lovely friendships

Music Mondays: You’d have never even asked my name

3 Jun


Exams aren’t fun. Off to another one in a few hours’ time. Ugh, ugh ugh.

Things I Love Thursday

30 May

  • Finishing Civil Procedure – a bulky, horrid exam that feels more horrid now that it’s done, but at least it’s done
  • Starting exams which means FINISHING exams is something that will happen soon-ish.
  • I’m trying to be positive, people
  • A massively amazing wedding – two of my close friends got married! What the hell! So much love!
  • A photo booth
  • People
  • Old friends and acquaintances
  • The boyfriend of awesome (i.e. my boyfriend)
  • Feminism, always
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, yum
  • Sushi, delivered (by aforementioned boyfriend of awesome)
  • Second-hand relief
  • Meeting the President while volunteering at the Notarial Archives
  • Making quiches for my two stressed out best friends
  • New York Best burgers – the best burgers
  • Rekindling
  • A lovely long walk at dusk (again with aforementioned boyfriend of awesome)
  • Coconutty goodness with a lovely best friend
  • A refreshing swim and a complimentary boat ride – fantastic
  • Planning a little getaway with my two best friends… can’t wait to sunbathe, drink cider, and frolic!

Music Mondays: Stressful Times

27 May


Just trying to get through these stressful times…