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Music Mondays: Here he comes

1 Jul


A bit of a dark one today.

Happy Monday! x


Music Mondays: Love is won when we’re bound and still feel free

24 Jun


Just two more days of studying, and then I can plunge myself into summer. FINALLY.

Music Mondays: can you tell that I am alive

17 Jun


I want to learn all the instruments and make my own version of this song. So good.

Music Mondays: You’d have never even asked my name

3 Jun


Exams aren’t fun. Off to another one in a few hours’ time. Ugh, ugh ugh.

Music Mondays: Stressful Times

27 May


Just trying to get through these stressful times…

Music Mondays: let’s just carry on now shall we

20 May



Some tough times, right now. Exams, theses, work, doom, gloom. This song was shared by a friend (on another friend’s Facebook Timeline), and it is so perfect. Listen, breathe, it’ll be fine. Ish. Maybe.

It must be, soon, anyway. Yes.

Music Mondays: Ho Hey!

6 May


Exams are closer than ever, work is piling up, and yet the weather is (mostly) keeping a smile plastered to my face. I think it’s because I spent last summer locked up in a house on Saddler Street in Durham with the rain beating against my window. If this week isn’t productive, then I’m in for a lot of panic later on this month.