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Things I Love Thursday

20 Jun

THE TILT IS BACK. I can barely believe that it’s a week since The Exam of Horror and Doom. But it is. And I’ve been swimming every day since, and working hard at other things (including some studying for my next and final exam…)

  • Swimming!
  • Surviving Criminal Procedure
  • Delicious food with a dear old friend
  • New notebooks
  • My phone
  • Finishing Maltese proofread exams
  • More proofreading of awesome theses
  • A really wonderful celebration with one of my best friends with pink cava and delicious nibbles and so much conversation (and swimming, too!)
  • A birthday lunch of fun and giggles
  • Boyfriend support
  • Summer starting properly
  • Lots of eating out
  • Wrapping presents and creating a Hamper of Awesome
  • Happy bonding

Things I Love Thursday

6 Jun

  • Fresh chocolate croissants (delivered to your door by an awesome boyfriend)
  • The ability to say “screw it” and nap for a couple of hours
  • An evening with some of Dave’s super-fun cousins
  • Waffles with The Best Jam
  • Cooking! (roasted asparagus + cashew nuts, and this pasta salad)
  • Evenings with wine and the absolute loveliest friends
  • Going to a stand-up comedy night (which is something that I generally despise but there were glimmers of entertainment, and I had tonnes of fun with my friends, which was fantastic)
  • Booking a weekend of fun for the first week in July – cannot wait – all I’m living for
  • Seeing my proofreading clients hand in their theses – it’s like I‘ve also given in that thesis!
  • Swimming in the glorious sea (and doing a bit of snorkelling)
  • Going into a WWII bomb shelter
  • Visiting two market/open day type things
  • Doing a Maltese exam and getting it over with
  • Twitter
  • Making a little vow to read all the A Song of Ice and Fire books before Season 4 of Game of Thrones.
  • Knowing that this time next week I’ll be rid of Maltese Criminal Law of Procedure and Evidence, ugh.
  • Lovely friendships

Things I Love Thursday

23 May

  • Lots of time spent with my number one person: Dave
  • The Eurovision (semi-final and the final): so much fun
  • Junk food in front of the TV
  • Walks
  • A hearty meal in a fishing village
  • Slow but sure productivity
  • Finishing a few jobs
  • Proofreading, so much proofreading
  • Meeting my best friends at the airport
  • Sweet treats
  • Great emails
  • A fantastic burger

Things I Love Thursday

16 May

  • Getting down to it
  • A very patient, lovely boyfriend
  • Fresh ġbejniet
  • Vit C + Zinc chewable tablets
  • The Apprentice UK (even though this season’s people don’t seem like the brightest bunch)
  • Help
  • Emails that save the day
  • Good relationships
  • An amazing bachelorette party (paintball! ALL THE SUSHI! drinkies!)
  • Have I mentioned my boyfriend? Because he’s pretty amazing.
  • Lots of theatre
  • Being a proofreading NINJA
  • The drowsy side-effect of cold + flu tablets
  • Feeling super excited about giving up on studying for a few hours tonight and watching the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final

Things I Love Thursday

2 May

  • St Paul’s Bay
  • Fomm ir-Riħ
  • Helpful people who work in Customer Care
  • Percussion!
  • Surprising escapes
  • Dancing
  • Massive cruise ships
  • Beautifully delicious red wine
  • Energy
  • Compiling my April Favourites post
  • Undiscovered bits of Malta
  • Volunteering
  • Time spent with my two best friends who are awesome
  • Taking part in a play reading at the Manoel! <3
  • Relaxation
  • Walks with my boyfriend
  • Fresh juice
  • Strawberry and basil smoothies! MY NEW FAVOURITE THING. (At the Uni Students’ House Health Shop! Expensive but delicious.)
  • Finding a parking space which isn’t restricted by time (i.e. not one of the ones where you need to leave a little clock on your dashboard)
  • Proofreading success
  • Hope…

April Favourites! <3

1 May

April Favourites 2013

Another favourites post!

This month was certainly better than February and March, yahoo! I was ridiculously productive (for the most part) and survived relatively unscathed and happy. I even dipped my toes back into the theatre (I took part in a lovely little play-reading) and got two theses proofread and ready to go. The first half of the month saw me study quite a bit, but the last two weeks have been awful on the studying front. Eek. Less than a month to go for my first exam. Urgh.

Pictured favourite products:

  • Soap & Glory Heel Genius (a foot cream that I’ve been rubbing on before popping into bed – I wake up with soft and smooth feet: easy!)
  • The fantail brush I reviewed here.
  • A Game of Thrones (finally getting past the first few chapters and now about 200 pages in) – can’t wait to finish the first book in the series and get some momentum going.
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (it’s a little ‘sparkly’ – which is how it’s supposed to wake you up, by making you look glowy – but other than that I’ve loved applying a tiny bit of this to my face with my fingers this month).
  • The Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon (again) – it’s brilliant.
  • TRESemmé Liquid Gold Argan Oil Infused hair treatment – this hair serum has been so lovely on my hair this month. It doesn’t look greasy or wear my hair down, but just gives my curls more shine and definition.

Other favourites:

  • The warmer weather
  • Cats
  • Game of Thrones (the TV series) finally being back
  • Cake-in-a-mug (the ultimate surprise ‘delicacy’ prepared by my boyfriend’s awesome brother)
  • My little proofreading business getting along nicely – I find it to be a very satisfying endeavour, and actually helping people getting their theses to be the best they can be is fantastic.
  • Time spent with my two best friends, Annie and Anna. Little meet-ups with one or the other always lift my spirits.
  • Writing a relatively unusual post for this blog about my discomfort with always feeling like I’m ‘waiting’ for the next thing. It was well-received and so very relieving to get off my chest.
  • A few days of eating in a ‘healthier’ manner… i.e. less carbs than I would normally have, more fruit and veg than I would normally have (which is still not nearly enough, but anyway…), and less cheese + chocolate + junk food. I’m feeling more energetic and having no issues with feeling hungry or bogged down, so it’s fantastic. Pity it’s not too convenient to eat this way (yet), nor is it cheap (sometimes) and nor is it easy (for now – it’s still such a conscious effort).
  • Taking even MORE care of myself and going to a tonne of doctors this month – physiotherapist (getting insoles to sort out my wonky heels), gynaecologist (gotta be done), etc.
  • Insane productivity at some points during the month. So proud of myself. I wish I could keep this up all the time, but I guess that would be close to impossible.
  • Crosswords
  • Tumblr, always.

Best of luck to everyone who, like me, will be spending the month neck-deep in studying and work. Take frequent breaks, especially if it’s to enjoy some sunshine. I know I‘m looking forward to going for a few dips in the sea.

Things I Love Thursday

25 Apr

  • Cake-in-a-mug for breakfast
  • A special meal at a special restaurant with my super-lovely boyfriend
  • A ftira from Maxokk in Nadur, Gozo
  • The view of the Blue Lagoon from the road leading up to Nadur
  • The gorgeousness of Gozo
  • Company
  • A fun lunch with the best lady
  • The counting process of the KSU elections – exhausting but amusing
  • Cats
  • Maltese lectures (for the part-time course I’m doing in Maltese proofreading) – they don’t really ever fit my schedule, but they’re often really interesting
  • My old secondary school’s Prize Day play
  • Time spent with my best friend
  • NAPS
  • Being super efficient and helpful
  • Effective trips to the library
  • Having a laptop that works (mostly…)