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Things I Love Thursday

27 Jun

  • Exams being OVER. That was one horrible exam session. Not the worst ever, but the toll on my body and mental health was definitely the Worst Ever.
  • Names which have two capital letters in it. Sorry, inside joke. Hilarious inside joke. <3
  • Reading a novel, mmm.
  • Catching two buses in one day and not having to wait for more than a minute and not dying of heat. (And not having to drive/look for parking/walk a mile!)
  • One of the best hot dogs ever
  • My best friend, Annie, who is the best
  • My other best friend, Anna, who is equally amazing
  • Success and teamwork and completion
  • Indian food and a glass of wine at the perfect moment
  • Getting a discount for my boyfriend
  • Glorious swims
  • Octopus (to eat!)
  • A wine + cheese evening with my wonderful boyfriend. SO GOOD.
  • Plans and efficiency
  • Almond flakes on top of a nutella pancake <3

Things I Love Thursday

20 Jun

THE TILT IS BACK. I can barely believe that it’s a week since The Exam of Horror and Doom. But it is. And I’ve been swimming every day since, and working hard at other things (including some studying for my next and final exam…)

  • Swimming!
  • Surviving Criminal Procedure
  • Delicious food with a dear old friend
  • New notebooks
  • My phone
  • Finishing Maltese proofread exams
  • More proofreading of awesome theses
  • A really wonderful celebration with one of my best friends with pink cava and delicious nibbles and so much conversation (and swimming, too!)
  • A birthday lunch of fun and giggles
  • Boyfriend support
  • Summer starting properly
  • Lots of eating out
  • Wrapping presents and creating a Hamper of Awesome
  • Happy bonding

Things I Love Thursday

6 Jun

  • Fresh chocolate croissants (delivered to your door by an awesome boyfriend)
  • The ability to say “screw it” and nap for a couple of hours
  • An evening with some of Dave’s super-fun cousins
  • Waffles with The Best Jam
  • Cooking! (roasted asparagus + cashew nuts, and this pasta salad)
  • Evenings with wine and the absolute loveliest friends
  • Going to a stand-up comedy night (which is something that I generally despise but there were glimmers of entertainment, and I had tonnes of fun with my friends, which was fantastic)
  • Booking a weekend of fun for the first week in July – cannot wait – all I’m living for
  • Seeing my proofreading clients hand in their theses – it’s like I‘ve also given in that thesis!
  • Swimming in the glorious sea (and doing a bit of snorkelling)
  • Going into a WWII bomb shelter
  • Visiting two market/open day type things
  • Doing a Maltese exam and getting it over with
  • Twitter
  • Making a little vow to read all the A Song of Ice and Fire books before Season 4 of Game of Thrones.
  • Knowing that this time next week I’ll be rid of Maltese Criminal Law of Procedure and Evidence, ugh.
  • Lovely friendships

Things I Love Thursday

18 Apr

  • Nice new people
  • An awesome birthday party for my best friend
  • Making a cake for my friend’s birthday which turned out really well
  • People appreciating my signature feta + lemon dip
  • My friend’s birthday – so much fun. Sand! Cider! Sea! Indian food! Presents! Ice-cream! Friends! Merriment!
  • Boyfriend hugs and conversations and advice (and love!)
  • The awesome Alex Alden EP release
  • Being useful and slightly better at complicated stuff by the week (I hope.)
  • Lunch with my two favourite ladies
  • A glass of wine with lunch
  • Cider on the beach
  • Getting my legs out
  • A gorgeous April swim on Sunday (it was incredibly cold though…)
  • Meetings and opinions
  • Tags
  • Survival
  • New toys for the family (a tablet and another smartphone)
  • An English breakfast
  • Really productive work
  • Meeting up with my oldest friend
  • Stamps!
  • Gozo