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Things I Love Thursday

27 Jun

  • Exams being OVER. That was one horrible exam session. Not the worst ever, but the toll on my body and mental health was definitely the Worst Ever.
  • Names which have two capital letters in it. Sorry, inside joke. Hilarious inside joke. <3
  • Reading a novel, mmm.
  • Catching two buses in one day and not having to wait for more than a minute and not dying of heat. (And not having to drive/look for parking/walk a mile!)
  • One of the best hot dogs ever
  • My best friend, Annie, who is the best
  • My other best friend, Anna, who is equally amazing
  • Success and teamwork and completion
  • Indian food and a glass of wine at the perfect moment
  • Getting a discount for my boyfriend
  • Glorious swims
  • Octopus (to eat!)
  • A wine + cheese evening with my wonderful boyfriend. SO GOOD.
  • Plans and efficiency
  • Almond flakes on top of a nutella pancake <3

Things I Love Thursday

23 May

  • Lots of time spent with my number one person: Dave
  • The Eurovision (semi-final and the final): so much fun
  • Junk food in front of the TV
  • Walks
  • A hearty meal in a fishing village
  • Slow but sure productivity
  • Finishing a few jobs
  • Proofreading, so much proofreading
  • Meeting my best friends at the airport
  • Sweet treats
  • Great emails
  • A fantastic burger

Sunday Photo Mishmash: two happy photos from the week

21 Apr

2013-04-17 13.46.38

It was my best friend’s birthday this week. We went to the beach, had ice-cream, cider, and delicious Indian food. Later on in the day we had a little party at my house with an amazing cake (if I do say so myself) and other nibbles.

I was also involved in the university student council elections this week. Fun times, but I’m still recovering from lack of sleep + a bad cold due to it. Getting lots of proofreading done, and praying to ALL the gods for time and energy to get some studying done too. First exam in about a month’s time, brrrr.