Sunday Photo Mishmash: red roses, Edinburgh, and a deep-fried Mars bar

5 Feb

I went to two formals this week! They were wonderful. The photo above was taken during one at my own college, during the final course of port and cheese. Mmm.

My lovely boyfriend bought me a dozen red roses this week. They’ve blossomed so much more now! They’re gorgeous.

I bought this bookcase from a charity shop in town for £5. Awesome. Nice and sturdy too.

We went to Edinburgh for a couple of days this week! This is before getting to the platform.

We visited the Edinburgh Zoo. SO much fun. We saw the Giant Pandas. They were so adorable.

Mulled wine is my favourite thing about winter pub menus. I had TWO of these. It was an expensive evening. But I was nice and toasty.

I also had a spot of haggis at this Conan Doyle pub in Edinburgh… haggis in Scotland = how it’s meant to be.

We also had a deep-fried Mars bar. It was my first time. It looks/seems disgusting, but was actually incredibly delicious. Oh dear.

I got us free breakfasts at our hostel – and they were not too shabby.

We climbed Arthur’s Seat. It was chilly and spectacular. This was taken after we had trudged back down.

Mmm… rum and cider hot punch…

My boyfriend makes these elaborate dinners sometimes, like this poussin with blue cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and walnuts:

We had a lovely Maltese guest staying with us this weekend, and we finally got to go on a proper tour of the Castle! It was beautiful, especially the parts which I hadn’t visited before.


2 Responses to “Sunday Photo Mishmash: red roses, Edinburgh, and a deep-fried Mars bar”

  1. Raylene February 6, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    Lucky you, running all around the UK and Scotland! The farthest I’ve gone lately is Gozo :( I’m dying for a holiday!!

    • clairecommando February 6, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

      Gozo can be incredibly lovely ta :) And scour websites like easyjet and ryanair in case you spot any really cheap fares :)

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