Things I Love Thursday

25 Apr

  • Cake-in-a-mug for breakfast
  • A special meal at a special restaurant with my super-lovely boyfriend
  • A ftira from Maxokk in Nadur, Gozo
  • The view of the Blue Lagoon from the road leading up to Nadur
  • The gorgeousness of Gozo
  • Company
  • A fun lunch with the best lady
  • The counting process of the KSU elections – exhausting but amusing
  • Cats
  • Maltese lectures (for the part-time course I’m doing in Maltese proofreading) – they don’t really ever fit my schedule, but they’re often really interesting
  • My old secondary school’s Prize Day play
  • Time spent with my best friend
  • NAPS
  • Being super efficient and helpful
  • Effective trips to the library
  • Having a laptop that works (mostly…)

2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Daniela Bonanno April 25, 2013 at 11:30 am #

    How do you manage to do so many things?! :)
    Well done Claire, continue to enjoy life :)

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