Things I Love Thursday (Paris Edition)

28 Feb

  • Paris, Paris, Paris. I’m not usually a fan of cities, and this one definitely has its bad points (people constantly harassing you everywhere is the main one), but I’m in love.
  • The food in Paris. It has been an absolute PLEASURE to hand over my money to restaurants and boulangeries. Foie gras, croissants (au beurre!), pain au chocolat (and pain au Nutella!), Thai food, more pastries… It has all been wonderful. Even the cheeseburger I grabbed before yesterday’s Sigur Rós concert was delicious.
  • Sigur Rós! The concert at the Zenith was insanely good. And our hotel is so close to the venue that we simply strolled back home (stopping for more nibbles on the way) in a few minutes.
  • Irish people
  • An old friend
  • Effective map reading
  • Getting things sorted
  • A surprisingly good hotel (which I thought was going to be The Worst)
  • The Paris metro system (mostly!)
  • Still-warm baguettes
  • French people being so… French
  • Helpful friends
  • A new sofa
  • French pharmacies
  • A day of fun and giggling with my best friend
  • Emails of awesome with other best friend
  • Semi-recovering from my flu
  • The EU
  • Wi-fi

Let me know what you think! =)

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