LUSH Boxing Day Sale Haul

5 Feb

On Boxing Day, I woke up, reached for my laptop, and went onto Or rather, I tried to go onto The Sale was on, and the WORLD was trying to get some beautiful LUSH goodies.

Luckily, I persevered (it actually took over an hour) and I managed to buy a few bits.

First, I got the little Winter Wonderland box with some Snowcake soap (IN THE SHAPE OF A STAR) and a little tub of Dream Cream (which I’ve never tried and am ACHING to).

Then I got three soap chunks! Angel’s Delight.

Mr Punch Soap:

Northern Lights. (This is my third bar of this and it is Amazing.)

And finally, I got a Retro product (meaning that it’s only available online): Slammer shower gel. It smells nice. And it will be great for travelling.

I cannot wait to start using these products! The good/bad thing about LUSH products is that most of their stuff lasts for aaaages, so it takes long to use up something before I can try something new!

And I’m soon going to have 5 empty tubs to return for a free face mask. Now, if only there was still a LUSH store in Malta…


Let me know what you think! =)

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