Anti-Cancer Mushroom Soup

31 Jan

Durham Jan 2013, Lush, Venus 094

I made this amazing mushroom soup today. It’s from a site called Stonesoup, and I had been meaning to make this soup for months, especially since I’ve had so much success with her chilli oil (she has recipe videos and everything).

Is it just me, or are homemade soups the tastiest?


Is it just me, or does soup take forever to prepare?

I loved it oh-so-much, but I doubt I’ll make it again if it’s just for a quick meal. Maybe I should make large batches and freeze a few portions?

The taste is heavenly, but my aversion to spending more than two minutes in the kitchen means that stuff-from-scratch is a rarity.

If anyone decides to make this, it really isn’t a difficult recipe at all – just chop up onion + garlic + mushrooms and whirl them around in a pot for a while. That is basically it. Delicious.


Let me know what you think! =)

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