Patches Market Christmas 2012

7 Dec

Christmas usually means that there’s a trip to Patches Market involved in the December celebrations.

This edition was held at Magazino Hall near the Valletta Waterfront. I live in such a beautiful country.

The venue was very cool – a crazy high ceiling as you can see.

Rita Cholita makes the cutest eight-legged creatures.

The most delicious ginger cupcake (with heavenly frosting) from Dough & Drops (who is such a pretty lady).

My keychain for the past year has been this massive strawberry from More than Just a Strawberry Jam (who also have really yummy jam, if you’re wondering). I bought a new one since mine has gotten a little… battered after 12 months of use. I think they’re the cutest, felt-est, loveliest keychains ever, and I get so many compliments (or strange looks) all the time because of my massive strawberry.

Finally, I stopped by The Secret Rose, manned by the beautiful and ever so talented Sarah. Would you believe Dame Helen Mirren stopped by her stand at Patches and bought one of her necklaces? Amazing. I left with a lovely Christmas tree decoration (pardon the shaky photo, but you can still see the intricate embroidery).

Patches is always a fun place to be. Can’t wait for the next one!


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