My wintry trip to London

5 Dec

A few days ago I returned from a little trip to London – such great fun. Especially because Christmastime has hit London in a HUGE way.

One of the main things I miss about living in the UK during September-October-November is the beauty of autumn. It’s such a beautiful season, and yet we barely realise it exists in Malta (which is fine if it means I can wear short-sleeved dresses until late November).

Sitting down on the cold hard London pavement in Seven Dials at 7.30am, waiting for the Cambridge Theatre’s box office to open.

Ear muffs – prerequisite for UK-living.

Pretty cupcakes.

Yes. We went to M&Ms World.

I got a little mixture. DELISH. (All the other things were so over-priced I was going to faint.)

A Pizza Hut meal bonanza.

Our Topshop personal shopping experience was OUTSTANDINGLY good. Especially since I found a couple of really great pieces.

Covent Garden. I was rather impressed with this massive reindeer thing.

I was very pleased with my Primark Christmas Pudding jumper. (I put it on right after this photo was taken.)

London was Rather Rainy.

Misty London.

And a cheeky one of me and my lovely friend Annelise. I can’t wait for her to return to Malta for Christmas!


Let me know what you think! =)

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