Sunday Photo Mishmash: Happy Times

18 Nov

Just three little photos this week, showcasing some happy times.

First I discovered that my local supermarket sells Sainsbury’s products. Obviously I wanted to buy everything. It felt a tiny little bit like ‘home’ (even though I rarely shopped at Sainsbury’s when I lived in England).

On Monday, my boyfriend and I celebrated our three-year anniversary with an absolutely magnificent meal at a restaurant in Marsascala called Nargile. Very scrummy stuff.

And then yesterday, I continued with my crazy antics and went swimming (again) during the month of November. Contrary to popular opinion, the sea is still very warm at this time of year, and is particularly pleasing since it is often a degree or two warmer than the air’s temperature. It’s definitely refreshing and enjoyable. GO SWIM IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

Hope you all have excellent weeks. I’m hopping over to London on Wednesday. Cannot wait to be back in England. Even though I don’t really classify London as ‘England’, since it’s a completely independent entity in my head. Anyway, London brings the promise of yummy food, good theatre, and a personal shopping appointment at Topshop(!!). AND I GET TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND AGAIN. And I get to travel for the first time with my other best friend. Life is good.


Let me know what you think! =)

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