Things I Love Thursday

8 Nov

  • Officially being awarded a Master’s degree! This is awesome.
  • A lack of late-evening TEFL lessons. They were enjoyable, but it’s so nice to have a few free evenings again (even though I have lectures till 7pm three nights a week).
  • Bookdepository 24 hour sale – go check it out, it’s on right now! I bought an awesome present for a best friend.
  • A wonderful meal with friends (everyone contributed with food and awesomeness – so much deliciousness!), then we played Articulate and Charades. Good times.
  • A meeting with a man I really admire (which went really well)
  • Pleasant people
  • Vending machines
  • Google Docs
  • A tour of the old Notarial Archives (eye-opening stuff!)
  • Effective notarial prattika
  • Jubilee lunches with one of the loveliest people in the world
  • Friends from all over the world
  • Bubble tea!
  • Planning more bubble tea consumption
  • Watching a play in a really cool place – Plautus Strait
  • The best cheese platter ever after Plautus Strait, with the funnest friends ever (and yummy wine.)
  • Finishing off assignments and handing them in
  • Swimming in November! Glorious.
  • Sorting out my fishie’s residence (Florence is her name – she seems very happy)
  • Duo Kukkanja
  • Russian broth and a hospitable couple (and their adorable kitten!)
  • My awesome boyfriend
  • Interesting decisions
  • Meeting a lovely couple and their (almost) newborn baby (and they read my blog! We spoke about my TILTs! Hi!)

Let me know what you think! =)

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