Things I Love Thursday

1 Nov

  • Getting stuff DONE
  • Mascara on the lashes of the outer corner of my eye
  • Matilda’s – a little restaurant next to university (I’m actually sitting here right now as I’m writing this)
  • The ‘holiday’ feeling of Halloween
  • Fun little outings with my awesome boyfriend
  • Gozo! That island is seriously amazing, weird, lovely. My favourite things are the people’s accents and smiles, and ALL THE ANIMALS just casually nibbling stuff in a back garden.
  • Finishing my TEFL course! Finally! My evenings are freer now, although I still need to complete an assignment for the course to be completely over.
  • Caring, lovely friends
  • Colourful rice paper
  • Reuniting with my boyfriend when returning from Gozo
  • Going to a pumpkin festival! I bought a 10kg pumpkin! Still have to carve it actually… (and make some yummy food)
  • Jubilee lunches with my favourite people
  • Being effectively supportive
  • Tranquillity
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Cranberry juice
  • Meeting an amazing lawyer/historian
  • Another meeting with an academic which was very fruitful for my thesis *fingers crossed*
  • Helpful colleagues
  • Taboo. Always.
  • Nice-looking intelligent people
  • Survival (particularly with regard to awful lectures)
  • The opera!
  • Melted chocolate drink thingies (I’m about to order one now…)

Let me know what you think! =)

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