01/09 Dissertation Progress: only 6 days to go…

1 Sep

  • Oh dear. It’s September. Deadline month, deadline week. Only 6 days to go.
  • I’m at around 14,000 words. The rest of it is more or less planned out.
  • My sleeping patterns are getting worse and worse. To the point where now I have to struggle to do work because I’m so lethargic. Today is a bit better though.
  • Currently planning the next 6 days, roughly. I aim to spend Wednesday and Thursday fixing up footnotes, my bibliography, and other things like the contents page, acknowledgements, and the cover page. Friday will be all about printing and binding and uploading and HANDING THINGS IN.
  • So that leaves the next few days to finish the rest of the writing, and then I have lots of plans for changes I want to make to the chapters I’ve already written.
  • Thankfully, I seem to be sticking to (self-imposed) chapter word limits pretty solidly. That’s one extra thing to not worry about, since usually I go WELL over word limits, which means I’d need to spend extra hours just trimming it down.
  • I had another meeting with my supervisor yesterday which was also very encouraging, but I was so completely tired; it felt like my body had almost shut down. I ended up going home afterwards and sleeping (with uncomfortable dreams) for 3 hours. Then I stayed up till 3am but couldn’t really work, so I just started fixing up my bibliography. Today I woke up at about 10am, and I haven’t done anything dissertation-related yet, but I’ve done things like clean the kitchen, do the dishes, etc.
  • As I said, right now I’m planning the next few days. Hopefully things will be OK.

Let me know what you think! =)

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