28/08 Dissertation Progress: 3 steps back, 1 step forward

28 Aug

  • Ughhhh. I did very little between Friday evening and Wednesday (today) morning.
  • BUT I have finished the chapter I wanted to finish, and a super-lovely friend looked through it and gave it a thumbs up. Phew. Still need to fix up a few parts of it, and footnotes and formatting are not even close to being fixed up, but at least the chapter is mostly done.
  • Still having trouble sleeping and lots, lots, lots of nightmares.
  • My next task is to attack the most important chunk of my dissertation. I started doing that today, and I wrote about 200 words, but I’ve realised that my plan for the chapter is just (1) too long, (2) too bitty, (3) not including enough primary source material.
  • So tomorrow and Thursday need to be super-mega productive, so I can have the bulk of this chapter done.
  • Constantly feeling tired and apathetic. At least I had a lovely lunch with a friend today (fancy pancakes!) and then went on the Most Successful Shopping Trip Ever at Tesco’s, where I spent the grand total of Β£1.77 and bought a PACKED BAG of stuff (including 6 bread rolls, packs of cut-up fruit, and a bouquet of flowers! – and that’s barely half of it).
  • It’s so cold in this country. Shivering in long sleeves and leggings.
  • More-or-less finalised word count = 9,000 words (even though I have more, but I need to chop off a few hundred). Real percentage of the dissertation done (minus final editing, footnotes, formatting, and all that extra stuff) = about 40%.
  • Let’s get to 60% tomorrow, please.

Let me know what you think! =)

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