15/08 Dissertation Progress: not looking good

16 Aug

  • Hail Mary, it’s mid-August. Oh my.
  • There have been many, many tears the past few days. Many. Red eyes = my new look.
  • Lots of doubting myself; lots of trying to calm myself down.
  • I’ve actually been going through a lot of stuff, and I have to realise that it is just going to make the writing process easier.
  • Today I actually added to my “actual” dissertation sections with extended notes and mini-paragraphs.
  • I also realised that this is getting somewhere. There is hope.
  • Still haven’t “properly” written anything (as you have probably deduced, “proper” writing to me is, perhaps, writing at a more “advanced” stage), but I feel very close to it.
  • Tomorrow morning I shall look through a final book, then I shall print off some of my “refined” notes and quotes, and then… who knows? Maybe I’ll just gather my thoughts properly before I start my “actual” writing… or maybe I’ll just plunge into it. We’ll see.
  • Today was a good day. I made a peaches and cream tart, and we had lots of guests, and I bought a balm stain.
  • Let’s all just pray that my next post will include an actual word count.

Let me know what you think! =)

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