Things I Love Thursday

9 Aug




  • Living right next to a Tesco (9pm shopping trips for reduced smoked salmon!)
  • Clementines
  • A surprise gift from my boyfriend (a Little Miss Sunshine mug! It’s short and chubby.)
  • Blogging about my dissertation progress
  • Help, advice, and encouragement with regard to my dissertation
  • Having a lovely guest in the house
  • Impromptu road trips!
  • The Lake District – crazy beautiful
  • A little bit of make-up to brighten up my face
  • York!
  • Ordering starters (deep fried BRIE OMG)
  • An amazing waterfall in County Durham
  • MEETING A CAMEL (camels are, like, my second favourite animal – after kittens and donkeys (joint first place)) – we were driving into County Durham and my boyfriend spotted it and braked into this farm’s road and OH MY HEART PLEASE BE STILL – I hugged it and petted it and said ‘I love you’ about a million times. I must bug my boyfriend into sending me photos.
  • Meeting my lovely Singaporean friend for lunch (and a chocolate tiffin!) at our favourite lunch spot in Durham (Leonard’s, obviously)
  • 1000 days with my boyfriend (yesterday!)
  • My parents’ 31st wedding anniversary (on Tuesday!)
  • Discovering almond milk
  • Drinking a lot of the suspiciously named Cranberry and Raspberry Juice Drink from Tesco
  • A nearby noodle place (called Woksupp! – yummy.) (Although their puns are terrible, e.g. “wok this way for a delicious healthy meal”.)
  • Finally getting some Team Durham trackies!
  • Emails with my two best friends from Malta
  • Laughing out loud at some Maltese friends’ antics on Facebook
  • Boyfriend support <3

Let me know what you think! =)

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