Things I Love Thursday

26 Jul

  • Moving into our new place. It’s beautiful, I have a massive new room, and it’s amazing. I’m incredibly happy and I can’t wait to finish unpacking/positioning so I can take a tonne of photos and post them here so I can show you guys!
  • Going to a ball at Durham Castle and going to a wonderful formal at Hild Bede College. So much fun and glamour.
  • A Birthday Cake candle
  • New stuff for our new place
  • Sleeping in a double bed (my default sleeping position is diagonally, or STARFISH)
  • Bidding farewell to a really lovely housemate at our old place
  • My parents visiting Durham for 10 whole days
  • A trip to Scotland with my boyfriend and my parents – some fantastic experiences
  • Email conversations
  • Did I mention that I love my new place?
  • Snapping photos of pretty things
  • Leaving our old house. And my tiny room. If anyone reading this is thinking about finding a place in Durham: stay away from Clubeasy. UGH.
  • Suits (the TV show)
  • Being driven around in a massive VW Passat mmm
  • Really sweet people helping us move
  • Not collapsing after two days of hardcore moving
  • York (again!)
  • Back-up plans for next year
  • Living in the centre of Durham, oh yes
  • Charity shop finds! I found a NEXT blazer in the perfect size + condition for £5! And the cutest colourful decorative mugs.
  • Reading wonderful books (Perfume is highly, highly recommended.)
  • A bra fitting at M&S and finally finding one that fits like a glove,  WOO! (TMI? Perhaps.)
  • Awesome plans for the weekend



One Response to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Mark Spencer July 26, 2012 at 11:54 pm #

    A glove? On boobies? You weird, weird woman.

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