Sunday Photo Mishmash: Spanish tapas, bright toes, and a lit-up xyloband.

24 Jun

A very small mishmash this week. I was either sick in bed, or at the theatre for rehearsals/performances. Above, you can see that my Coldplay xyloband spontaneously lit up this week! It was only for a few hours, but quite amusing.

After my first performance on Wednesday, Dave and I popped down the road for some Spanish food. We had a huge amount of tapas, and I had lemon tea (for the first time ever), since I was already feeling a sore throat coming on. I’d love to have the churros next time.

And finally: I painted my toes a very bright florescent pink/orange this week. Oh, my toes are so pudgy, and my feet look like they’re completely different sizes. Strange. Loving the pops of colour though.

Tomorrow I’m off to London! Look out for a London-related post tomorrow morning. Have great Sundays everyone!



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