Things I Love Thursday

14 Jun

  • My stripy duvet cover (with frilly edges)
  • The song ‘Roxanne’
  • Finding out about a ridiculously amazing opportunity
  • Having three Maltese friends visiting us in Durham – it was one of the best weeks in England ever. So much fun!
  • Cider – this has become a regular on my TILT, hasn’t it?
  • Not getting wet during Coldplay
  • “Kbira din” (just something I’ve been saying a lot this week)
  • Robyn – so entertaining
  • Looking at old photos and discussing them with people (mainly Iceland ones)
  • Rehearsals for a play I’m in next week (come watch if you’re in Durham!)
  • Evenings at pubs
  • Conversations of pure awesome
  • The English countryside
  • Seeing the sea
  • Dresses!
  • Happy conversations
  • The Newcastle quayside
  • Being appreciated
  • Sing-a-long sessions
  • Teamwork
  • York! Oh so beautiful.
  • An adorable place called Tadcaster (also, this is where Sam Smiths stuff is brewed. Mmm.)
  • Laughing with my boyfriend
  • The best lasagne. Ever.
  • Reheated lasagne
  • Asparagus!
  • Having a car for an impromptu shopping trip
  • A calm, slow day
  • Seeing a massive poppy (it was the size of my head. Seriously.)
  • A friendly pony
  • A long, airy walk in the countryside, weaving through fields, along train tracks, and over rivers
  • Finding out an English friend is engaged. So happy for her.
  • Fathers’ Day cards
  • A gorgeous lens
  • The phrase “pop in”
  • Time with foreign friends who are leaving soon
  • A Spanish night with cheesy-pastry things which I LOVE
  • Impromptu article-writing
  • Encouragement
  • Finally posting another Medley on my blog

I’d love to reach 100 likes on my Facebook page by the end of June. If you already like it, maybe you could suggest it to a friend? I only need 4 more likes to reach 100! =)


2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Dejvid June 15, 2012 at 8:11 am #

    Kbira din (il-post).

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