Things I Love Thursday

7 Jun

  • Pimms lemonade
  • Time at my college
  • Meeting a friend at a pub
  • Renting a car and being driven around
  • The Gentlemen of the Road stopover at Huddersfield!
  • Mumford and Sons!
  • Delicious spaghtetti bolognese
  • Remembering last year’s Iceland trip
  • My checked pyjama pants
  • Afternoon pancakes
  • Indian leftovers
  • The first sip of delicious cider
  • Amazing bhajis
  • Elbow’s music
  • Wearing some make-up
  • A dinner at the Chaplaincy
  • Digging into dessert
  • Top-of-the-head kisses
  • Group laughter
  • My Dad’s heartiest laugh
  • The sun (surprisingly!)
  • Game of Thrones S02 finale
  • Starting a Gratitude Journal
  • Having three lovely Maltese friends visiting
  • Checking out a couple of houses for summer – one was definitely a STAND OUT
  • Getting somewhere with an assignment
  • Being pleasantly surprised
  • Buying cereal toppers
  • The Angel of the North
  • A cookie shake
  • Primark sunglasses
  • An Italian meal (home-made by the loveliest Italian girl) with lots of people
  • Asparagus
  • Beetroot stains
  • The Apprentice final
  • Fish & chips

Let me know what you think! =)

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