May Joliebox 2012 + the final Carmine Beauty Box

2 Jun

Here are two beauty boxes I ordered these past few months, one is the May Joliebox, and the other is the final Carmine box. Carmine was my most favourite beauty box, but unfortunately it was discontinued and it seems that they have merged with GlossyBox. I really miss that box, because I had found some great products through its samples.

If you click on the picture above, you can read the list of products included. I haven’t tried the eye therapy patch yet. The China Glaze nail polish is fantastic. The primer is the first primer I’ve ever tried (and it glides really well onto the skin). I’ve tried a tiny bit of the moisturiser, but it’s organic and has rose in it so what’s not to love? The brush was a little extra freebie.

Below there’s the final Carmine box, which included 5 products and a little perfume sample (which I love!).

Here you can read about all the products inside:

I used up the entire tube of toothpaste, which didn’t work any wonders, but I liked it. The lipstick is too bright and flimsy for me. The Steamcream is amazing – it’s like a regular moisturiser but it has something in it that I just can’t describe – and the packaging I got is just GORGEOUS. The nail polish was OK (but I wouldn’t use that colour too much). I haven’t tried the body wash yet, but I love Balance Me products, so I’m sure I’ll love it.


Let me know what you think! =)

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