Things I Love Thursday

31 May

  • Learning lines, for the first time in almost a year
  • Photos
  • Tumblr
  • Finding a great deal for a stay in Scotland with my parents and boyfriend in July (hint: we’re staying in a CASTLE)
  • Sorting out everything else for my parents’ trip
  • Eating two suppers on Sunday (both with cake for dessert and such lovely company)
  • A picnic in the glorious English sun with my darling Asian friends (pity I got HORRENDOUSLY sunburnt… which is so unlike me, but I thought that “oh-the-English-sun-won’t-do-anything-to-ME”)
  • Cider, cider, cider
  • Happy housemate times
  • Watching the Eurovision semi-final (mostly alone, but then my boyfriend joined me) and SHOUTING so hard when Malta got through
  • Watching the Eurovision final with all my housemates (it was particularly amazing because we had delicious pizza and all our countries were represented in the competition… and Sweden won, so since one of my housemates is Swedish, it kind of felt like a household victory)
  • Waving the Maltese flag like a crazy person in our living room
  • My Spanish housemate giving me a Jubilee M&S cookie/biscuit/whatever the size of my FACE. I LOVED IT.
  • Watching Return of the King (oh so good) (extended version = oh so long)
  • Lounging around the house in pyjamas like I just don’t care
  • Lots of work and thinking about my MA dissertation
  • Warm corn with melted butter
  • Pancakes with lemon and lime curd

Let me know what you think! =)

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