Things I Love Thursday

24 May

{photo from today’s May Challenge post}

  • Prawn crackers
  • Indian food
  • Peshwari naan bread – omygod
  • Afternoon tea with my housemate (the most delicious fruit scone with butter and jam and cream ohhhh)
  • My housemate’s lovely visitors
  • Putting together a birthday package for one of my best friends
  • Sunny England
  • Not having to wear a jacket/scarf/cardigan over my dress
  • A trip to the Arnison centre (a shopping park) with my boyfriend on a sunny day
  • Spicy chai lattes
  • Watching The Apprentice with my boyfriend (even though he doesn’t love the programme)
  • Taking photos for the May Challenge
  • A delicious meal at the Chaplaincy after mass on Sunday – chilli con carne jacket potatoes and a freshly baked fig crumble! SO GOOD.
  • A farewell meal with my family and my boyfriend’s family on Thursday before catching our plane to Leeds
  • Strolling around Leeds, waiting for our train
  • Getting an MA essay result which I’m very pleased with
  • Being able to divide my day up as I please
  • An afternoon lunch by myself at a fancy cafeteria
  • Lists, always
  • Painting my nails a strange blue colour, with sparkles on my ring fingers
  • Cycling again

Let me know what you think! =)

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