May Challenge #23 – Something from my favourite store

23 May

I’m not really sure what my favourite store is, but I definitely gravitate towards H&M quite a bit. Their clothing lasts a long time, some of their styles are simply perfect, and I have a huge amount of stuff from there. Even though there isn’t an H&M shop in Malta. Shame. NOR IN DURHAM. Larger shame.

Above, you can see a pretty floral skirt from H&M, which I bought a couple of years ago from an H&M in Switzerland.

The top is from another “favourite” shop, which is Primark. Their clothes aren’t the best quality (some fall apart after a wear or two, but some have (surprisingly) lasted me for years and years), and even if it’s all quite cheap, it’s still far from being “sophisticated”. However, I own an embarrassingly large amount of clothes from Primark, particularly basics like this long-sleeved top in that very pretty colour.  So it’s worth a little mention, I guess.

Also: wasn’t it a lovely day in England yesterday? The sun was shining, it was verging on warm/hot, and not a cloud in sight. Very pleasant.

Photos by the ever-lovely Dave, and necklace from Through the Looking Glass.


Let me know what you think! =)

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