Sunday Photo Mishmash: a new dress, food, books, and a cute iPhone case.

29 Apr

I made veggie burgers for a Sunday lunch last week. They were delicious.

You know what was more delicious though? A huge meal at my Asian friends’ flat – they made tonnes of amazingly flavourful food.

One of my Chinese friends’ iPhone case.

You can slide up the bunny and use a mirror!

This Chinese friend was lovely enough to make individual crème caramel portions for everyone. So much crunchy sugar and deliciousness.

Yesterday, I popped into town with my lovely Singaporean friend, and we visited one of our favourite haunts (a little cafeteria called Flat White). I had a strawberry frappé, and some lemon and poppy seed cake.

This week was a tough one – I had to prepare a presentation for Friday, and lots of my evenings looked like this:

One of the shelves in my room:

My Spanish housemate gave me SUCH a lovely gift this week: a baby cactus, with a little pink flower. I have succeeded in not killing it (yet)!

What one of my breakfasts this week looked like (berries, sugar, evaporated milk):

A sneak peek at one of the items I bought from a vintage fair yesterday:


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