Mini-Review: Baldry’s (a tearoom in the heart of the Lake District)

24 Apr

Last February, when my parents visited, we went on a Grand Day Trip to the Lake District. Lovely place. Very picturesque. One of my most favourite regions in the world.

We stopped over for a stroll in a beautiful village called Grasmere (GO THERE.) and we were in need of a little late afternoon snack and beverage. We popped into this place called Baldry’s, a delightful little tearoom. (Actually, it wasn’t that little at all. It was lovely and spacious, yet not too large – I hate overly large restaurants/cafeterias – like Slug and Lettuce in Durham – that’s ridiculously huge.)

Anyway, on to the good stuff. And it’s mostly all good. The only bad thing I can think of about this place is that it was a little expensive, but such good value. You might be spending £3-4 on a beverage, but it’s going to be AMAZING. (And when your parents are paying, it’s even better…) =)

This is what I had:

A hot drink – it was some spiced apple concoction: really delicious. And a scone. With jam and butter. And look at that saucer! And the little containers! All so stylish. The scone was one of the best I’d ever tasted. I mean, look at it:

In the blurred background you can make out my boyfriend’s choice of snack: a flapjack – also on a flowery saucer, also delicious.


There was a wide array of treats and drinks, with even full-on meals being offered, and there were lots of specials on chalkboards – you’ll definitely find the perfect thing to nibble on.


In Grasmere, right in the middle of the Lake District. Such a gorgeous village.

The service:

Thoroughly amusing. The man who served us was very loud, very friendly, and quite a joker. These were all very good things, though! He was absolutely lovely, and his attention to detail and comments about our choices made us feel incredibly welcome, and as though we were regulars.


I was cooing at everything. It was all very sophisticated yet homely. Lots of tables, lots of pretty crockery – a job well done.

The quality of the food:


All in all, we were very impressed by the whole experience. Definitely popping back if I’m ever in Grasmere again. And even if I’m ever remotely in that area, I am making a deliberate detour to visit this beautiful tearoom once again. I hear their lemon meringue is good too.

I wish they’d open a branch in Durham. Please?


Let me know what you think! =)

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