21 Apr

I should be working on lots of important MA stuff today, but instead I’m gushing about this morning’s achievements.

Or initial lack thereof, actually.

Mumford and Sons (one of my favourite-favourite bands – who I’ve been dying to see properly – since I had only seen them for about a song and a half at Glastonbury last summer) are playing a small gig in Gateshead this June. Gateshead is a few miles away from where I live, which is AMAZING, and I’ve woken up early twice this week, trying-trying-trying to purchase tickets (pre-sale and general sale). I failed both times – mainly because they seemed to have sold out in mere seconds/minutes, and there seemed to have been quite a few ticket touts… In fact, when I checked out Ebay, there were already loads of tickets for sale – marked up about 5 times the original price. Disgusting.

So after a woeful couple of days, my boyfriend and I decided to just spend a little bit (a lot) more money and head over to Huddersfield in June, for their larger, “mini-festival”-type concert. The tickets are in my inbox and I am so excited. I love Mumford and Sons so much – and they’re the one band that I definitely wanted to see/hear/enjoy live while living in England. AND IT’S HAPPENING.

There will also be Michael Kiwanuka as a support act, which is awesome because I had heard a couple of his songs a few months ago (and even featured one of them in one of my Medleys). Plus I’m just super-excited to get to visit Huddersfield. Maybe I’ll actually make use of my wellies!

So much excitement!

Maybe it’s time to do some work now.


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