Medley of Miscellany

20 Apr

Wouldn’t you want to be greeted by this kitty in the morning?

I know that I would love to have a little nook of this sort (fairy lights, massive cushions, and kitty included please) when I have a proper place of my own.

OK, now this guy is just ridiculous. (Ridiculously cute!) (I often feel like this, actually.)

Know your wool.

When I become a “proper” adult (with, like, a house/apartment of my own, and adult friends to visit), I’m totally making these handmade party favours every time I go to a dinner or party. Adorable and actually useful.

This cake is an overdose of some of my favourite things: Nutella, and cake. Oh, and cream. YUM.

Another thing for when I am a Proper Adult: a breakfast nook. Because when I’m a Proper Adult I’m totally going to have Proper Breakfasts. Oh yes.


Let me know what you think! =)

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