Things I Love Thursday

19 Apr

  • The second half of my Maltese Surprise Visit Trip of Awesome
  • Productive research
  • Getting through stuff
  • My car passing its yearly test/service with flying colours
  • A laser printer
  • Hot water bottles
  • Fuzzy sheets
  • Crashing waves
  • A Maltese chapel with beautiful gardens
  • Playing Rumikub with my aunt and uncle
  • Shandy
  • Watching Sherlock Holmes with my two loveliest friends for 3 euro
  • Meeting a dear old friend and her being super lovely and kind
  • Meeting this dear old friend’s cat (who is the brother of my cat)
  • My best friend rescuing me in a time of need
  • Wi-fi access
  • A fancy meal with my parents
  • Strolling around Sliema (i.e. Sliema shops) with my best friend – and stopping at the new M&S cafeteria for cloudy lemonade and a cheese and chutney toastie
  • An “indoor picnic” including a game of Imaginiff
  • Meeting a group of my friends and giggling lots
  • The hilarious realisation that I’m, in fact, not as cool as I think I might be
  • Nibbles
  • Watching YouTube videos with my best friend late at night (mostly Nicki Minaj and Sean Paul, obviously)
  • The new Paul McCartney videos (have you seen the Johnny Depp one?? MELTING.)
  • A lunch “in my honour”
  • Popping over to the 10th edition of the Patches market (and buying tasty treats, a felt hair clip, and a massive strawberry key chain)
  • A late afternoon snack with my parents at Portomaso on Sunday
  • Brunch and cake with four ridiculously silly and sweet friends
  • Rainbow cake!
  • Instagram
  • Writing cards and preparing birthday packages
  • My best friend’s birthday on Tuesday – sushi and other yummy stuff at Wagamama, general jubilation, cake and hot drinks at Palazzo Parisio <3
  • My best friend being so pleased with her pressies =)
  • Spending an afternoon by the sea
  • Sweet messages
  • Watching a Maltese film (Dear Dom) with two lovely friends – thoroughly enjoyed it
  • My Maltese home’s massive computer monitor
  • People randomly speaking to me about my blog =)
  • The hilarious Maltese couple that sat next to me on the plane who thought I was English so proceeded to have a very heated fight in Maltese (many insults were hurled)
  • Returning to the UK in one piece and being greeted by my wonderful boyfriend who (he’s going to kill me for saying this) ran towards me at the airport when he saw me
  • And he greeted me with freshly baked muffins (with a lemon curd centre). SO MUCH BEAUTY AND DELICIOUSNESS.
  • Driving around (even though it was such bleak weather yesterday)
  • A little shopping trip at Tesco Extra (that place makes me dizzy)
  • Cuddles
  • Buying 12 pints of cider (it was on offer! I had to!)
  • Watching The Iron Lady (very enjoyable)
  • Delicious chicken made by my boyfriend. His cooking skills are something else.

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