Claire is flying to/from home

17 Apr

It’s so lovely to have two homes. These past few days were a whirlwind of fun and frolicking (and quite a respectable bit of working and researching too) in my “proper” home in Malta. I surprised my parents on Easter Saturday night (cue the screaming and trembling), and I spent a week of cake-eating and sun-loving and driving-driving-driving-everywhere. Today, I’m hopping onto yet another aeroplane towards my “current-proper” home in England. It sounds awfully cold and dreary when compared to the warm sunbeams here, but I’m very glad to be heading to the UK, and to my darling boyfriend.

The happiest thing is that my boyfriend and I will be back in Malta for a few days in May (which will hopefully mean a couple of dips in the sea, and a visit to the sister island, Gozo). The three weeks in between my visits will be quite tough and full of MA work, but nothing I’m not excited about. =)

Lots of posts and lots of pictures, soon.


Let me know what you think! =)

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