Sunday Photo Mishmash: Sunderland, food, Maltese surprise visit.

15 Apr

A jumble of photos off my phone from last week! (Photos from this week will be up soon.) Above: a couple of books for night-time reading. I finished the John Green book; it was enjoyable but not a favourite.

Below: the morning of our Sunderland trip. I wore a birthday necklace, a grey top, blue speckled dress, maroon tights.

At a lovely South Indian restaurant in Sunderland.

Reading at the table.

We had a Groupon, which meant that our outstanding balance for the meal was 15p, which I found amusing.

My boyfriend thought that the hand dryer in the bathroom was made by a company with an amusing name.

Starbucks stop (and Lush goodies).

All made up for Maundy Thursday mass.

No wind in Durham, meaning that the reflection on the river was crisp and beautiful. You can vaguely make out the castle and the cathedral in the background.

My boyfriend makes heavenly food. I’ve mentioned that, haven’t I?

Wine and cheese, and The Big Bang Theory episodes.

My boyfriend made soda bread. It was perfect.

Hot cross buns! Delicious, and obligatory.

I had crumpets on Saturday for the first time ever. With lots of butter. DIVINE AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

As you might have deduced, I surprised my parents with a visit back home. This was at Newcastle Airport.

My apple and grape snack became rather… bloated during the flight.

Emotional arrival in Malta.

Remnants of snow in Durham. (Sorry these photos are rather jumbled.)

The TK Maxx in Sunderland is the best one ever. I was aching to buy this skirt, even though everyone seems to hate it. It was so flowy and gorgeous. Also not really in my budget right now.

An amusing shop name in Sunderland.

The beautiful blue sky in Malta on Sunday. OH THE HAPPINESS.

My first course at the Indian restaurant in Sunderland.

I spotted this purse at the Newcastle Airport Accessorize. Very cute. Didn’t buy it though.

I had sushi by the sea with my best friend a few minutes after landing on Saturday. It was glorious.


2 Responses to “Sunday Photo Mishmash: Sunderland, food, Maltese surprise visit.”

  1. alisondee April 16, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    how sweet of you to surprise your parents. You keep making me hungry with your posts hehe. Love it of course xx

    • clairecommando April 16, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

      U hallini Alison, my father almost had a heart attack. Won’t do that to him again :P
      Thanks for loving the blog post :) Ehhh, as you can see I am always hungry too, hehe :) xx

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