Things I Love Thursday

12 Apr

  • Surprising my parents. Priceless.
  • The Maltese sun. Oh so beautiful.
  • The sun hitting my shoulders and leaving a lightly tanned patch on each one <3
  • Slush
  • Cisk
  • A glorious lunch at my best friend’s family’s house. Wow.
  • Convertible cars!
  • Wind-in-my-hair
  • A wine-and-cheese night of awesome
  • A little reunion with delightful friends – such a great time
  • Easter celebrations
  • Easter Sunday
  • Running through the airport after landing like A MAD WOMAN
  • Flashing my passport at a security guard like A MAD WOMAN to show him that I’m Maltese! I’m Maltese!
  • Clutching my best friend Annelise as she greeted me outside the Arrival doors – I started sobbing like A CRAZY PERSON
  • A trip around Malta in a convertible – we had pastizzi, Kinnie, a glorious Nutella crêpe; we visited the amazingness of Dingli Cliffs, Golden Bay, Bugibba, the Għarusa tal-Mosta gardens, saw the Mosta Dome – oh it was glorious.
  • My boyfriend – he is adorable (and makes amazing food)
  • Spending an afternoon napping by the sea on a towel on a sandy beach (after slurping a slush)
  • Birzebbugia food (scampi)
  • Smiling Maltese people
  • Mid-afternoon cocktails and re-uniting with one of my most favourite people ever
  • Research that is actually effective and inspiring
  • Bonding time with my parents
  • Taking lots of photos like A CRAZY TOURIST
  • The Boots meal deal which always provides a cheap meal on the plane
  • Access to a laser printer
  • Time with my friends – it’s been so lovely
  • Visiting a new food and cake place in my home town with two sweet friends – lots of laughing and awesome conversation
  • Hours of conversation over Maltese beer and cider (mmm.)
  • All this Maltese goodness

Let me know what you think! =)

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