Recent Purchases (beauty boxes, books, No7 items)

10 Apr

Not a lot of stuff in this edition of “Recent Purchases”, but I couldn’t really post photo after photo of cider now could I? (Yes, cider has probably been my main purchase recently. After petrol for our rental car in Ireland. *sobs*)

Above, I got a glorious Carmine beauty box, full of really lovely stuff. I’ll probably post about it in more detail soon.

Below, there are a couple of No7 purchases from Boots. Heh, they give me those No7 £5 off vouchers, and I just cannot. resist. I bought the precision eyeliner brush, and some eye shadow primer. They’re both really effective, and for just a couple of pounds, really inexpensive.

Another No7 voucher purchase below. I bought some purple eyeliner. It looked pretty. It’s not my favourite eyeliner, but very nice on my eye lids.

Books, glorious books. I’ve read all the Hunger Games books (not in love with her writing style, but very keen on the whole story – the ending of the third book wasn’t amazing to me though), and I’ve also read The Sense of an Ending (really good, makes you feel very tense, but the ending leaves you with… well, not much of a sense of an ending, actually. I wouldn’t mind reading a “sequel” type book for this, haha). I’ve read bits of A Game of Thrones (while re-watching Season 1 of the TV series), but I’ve barely scratched the surface with that. Haven’t touched Extremely Loud etc yet.

I bought myself another beauty box last month; a Jolie Box. It had four full-size products, and two little extras. I’ll hopefully post about this one too.

My bank account is graciously asking me to not create the need for another Recent Purchases post for quite a long while =P


2 Responses to “Recent Purchases (beauty boxes, books, No7 items)”

  1. Neville Bugeja April 10, 2012 at 10:25 am #

    Reading ‘A Game of Thrones’ right now … stunning book !

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