Easter time!

6 Apr

Easter is a lovely time of year. Mainly because of the chocolate eggs and bunny-shaped goodies everywhere (unless you’re Christian and you celebrate Easter with lots of preparation, mass, the triduum, and probably more chocolate eggs and goodies than other people =P).

Side note: I got my feet washed during Maundy Thursday mass yesterday! Quite a special experience.

Anyway. On to the tasty stuff.

Last year, when I went to a truly lovely Easter Sunday meal at my boyfriend’s home, I made a special treat for dessert: these glorious egg cupcakes! It was quite an elaborate project, but they turned out to be quite delicious, and the novelty of peeling your own little egg-shaped cake was very popular.

I greatly recommend them if you have time to whip up a batch. The recipe I linked to is actually an even more elaborate process than I had undertaken a year ago (I had simply followed this basic recipe, but added a lot of food colouring to brighten things up).

Enjoy! And save me one. I’ll need to check that they’re good, you see.


Let me know what you think! =)

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