Things I Love Thursday

5 Apr

  • A visit to Sunderland: window-shopping, actual shopping in Lush (aaaaa, heaven), a Groupon voucher South Indian meal, The Hunger Games (my verdict: I enjoyed it, but it lacked SO MUCH. Read the books, then watch the film.), hot beverages, a sweet shop.
  • Pinning stuff to my walls
  • Painting my nails ridiculous colour combinations (a strange blue-green with multi-coloured sparkles? YES PLEASE.)
  • Leftovers of yumminess
  • Plans plans PLANS
  • Booking plane tickets for a visit to Malta in May
  • Receiving a GIGANTIC Easter package from my parents, complete with huge heart-shaped figolla and about 56 packets of Twistees (OK, perhaps not that many packets. But too many to actually count.)
  • Happy chats with my housemate (and her admitting that she calls us “her Maltese” <3)
  • Free samples in the mail of stuff I genuinely want to try out
  • Buying Big shampoo from Lush – I can’t stop smelling it and touching it – cannot wait to try it out
  • Applying a birthday face mask and it worked WONDERS
  • Stacks of stuff
  • Skype calls with parents (particularly in the middle of Starbucks)
  • Lovely people visiting me
  • Trips to pubs and bars
  • Sing-a-longs
  • My boyfriend playing guitar
  • Finishing books
  • Pretty outfits
  • Maltese food
  • Hilarious English people
  • Finishing my last essay for my MA (apart from my dissertation, obviously *kills self*)
  • Quick, effective decisions
  • The best TK Maxx ever (Sunderland)
  • Sweet moments with the boyfriend
  • My birthday card rotation (I don’t have enough space to showcase all the birthday cards I received, so I’ve had some up since early-mid March, and now I’ve taken those down and I have the rest on my shelves)
  • Primark Super Cosy tights – best things ever, even if I tear them with my crazy cycling antics

Let me know what you think! =)

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