Things I Love Thursday

29 Mar

  • Clearing up and organising stuff
  • Getting back my senses of smell and taste (I was quite poorly after coming back from Ireland)
  • Last few days of Ireland – mainly visiting Cashel and spending a night and a day in Dublin
  • Cider, cider, oh-so-much cider
  • Good pub food
  • Having a Visa that works
  • David, my boyfriend, who is just Amazing
  • Fresh groceries
  • Meal deals eaten on a train (including crunchy pink apple slices)
  • Marshmallows
  • Getting through about three tubs of Nutella in three days… (although David definitely helped.)
  • Packages in the mail; particularly a HUGE box of birthday gifts from one of my Maltese best friends. She even sent a walking piglet. A little toy walking piglet, yes.
  • Reminiscing about last year’s student council elections at the University of Malta (I had been an electoral commissioner)
  • Syndol’s drowsy effect lulling me into a deep sleep
  • Gradually writing most of an essay which is due tomorrow – it’s almost done, just a few hundred words to go, and a lot of fine-tuning. I even got feedback from a lecturer (personal interest from a lecturer probably for the first time in my life)!
  • Happy conversations with my housemate
  • Understanding Italian. Oh yeah.
  • Mail. So much mail!
  • Euros. I miss them.
  • Really sweet emails
  • Mongolian barbecue food
  • Irish music <3
  • Not having a blistering migraine
  • Friendly people in Ireland (including a sweet guy from Brazil who asked me how to say ‘thank you’ in Maltese)
  • Fresh flowers
  • Warm Irish hearts
  • Seeing an end to projects in sight
  • Countdowns to Even More Exciting Times

Let me know what you think! =)

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