Sunday Photo Mishmash: Florence & the Machine, eyelashes, gummy lips at 3AM

18 Mar

I picked up this flower from in front of our house. It brightened up my room this week.

My best friend in Malta adopted a donkey for me for my birthday. The adoption pack came with this ridiculously cute soft toy.

I went for a birthday dinner with a few of my loveliest Asian friends on Wednesday. Since it was my birthday week we got a free (huge) bottle of Cava. SO YUMMY.

The place we went to for dinner has a 2-for-1 dessert offer, so we got six desserts between five people. It was such a struggle to finish them all. (And we actually had to leave a piece of brownie! Sinful.)

I had scampi, by the way.

At the library till 3am. Madness. Also: yummy gummy things.

We went to a Florence & the Machine concert on Friday. Amazing, wow, mind-blowing, spiritually exciting, everything. I put on false eyelashes for the first time ever, just for Florence. They turned out OK! :D And they’re only cheapie Primark £1 ones! (I did use a more sophisticated adhesive though…)

At the concert, waiting for things to kick off. Look, I wore my sequined dress!


The Horrors.





It was an amazing evening. This is me, at a Lebanese late-night place, with one eyelash on. I was trying to “do a Clockwork Orange”, but I think I failed. Not creepy enough.


4 Responses to “Sunday Photo Mishmash: Florence & the Machine, eyelashes, gummy lips at 3AM”

  1. Laura Jane March 18, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    Happy happy birthday :)


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