Things I Love Thursday

15 Mar

  • Reading LOTS – reading fiction, but also reading lots and lots for an essay
  • Relief
  • Writing blog posts
  • Really sweet chats
  • The utter ridiculousness that is ANTM this cycle. Haha. (Totally Team Brits BTW.)
  • Lending books
  • A birthday meal with 4 of my loveliest Asian friends in Durham – we went to a Slug and Lettuce and they gave us a free HUGE bottle of cava – so YUMMY. We also ordered way too many desserts (6 large ones for 5 people), and stuffed ourselves silly.
  • Handmade cards
  • Lots of packages making their way to my house from far-off places =)
  • Amazing birthday presents
  • Hair bows
  • Getting over myself and going to an audition
  • Getting The Best Part Ever after attending said audition
  • My best friend from Malta ADOPTING A DONKEY in my name as a birthday present. Wow.
  • Pretty Little Liars (Ezra took off his shirt! Blue nail polish! More ridiculousness! So good. Haha.)
  • College meetings
  • Getting much more confident with this whole cycling thing. I still have heart-stopping moments where I just squeal and swerve like a maniac, but overall I’m surviving and persevering.
  • Food, food, food
  • Productivity
  • This insane meal at our chaplaincy last Sunday. Three courses of WOW.
  • Pink nail polish
  • Takeaway food <3

Let me know what you think! =)

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