Package of Awesome

14 Mar

A couple of weeks ago I casually entered a giveaway on this blog (All That Glitters) which is the lovely Amber-Rose’s blog. I had discovered it after she had left a comment or two on my blog after reading my guest post over on Charade. (It sounds like quite a complicated story.)


Long story short: I won the giveaway and I could not have been more PLEASED. As you can see from the glorious pile of prizes, this was a Super Mega Fantastic Giveaway, that sort of seemed tailor-made for me! Look at the notebooks! The sharpies! The earrings! The pretty Welsh postcard! Love love love.

Please pop over to Amber’s blog; she has some really lovely posts (I particularly like her beauty-related ones for some reason) and the girl is so sweet (and Welsh! <3). (Plus, if she ever has another giveaway, I can guarantee it’ll be awesome if it’s anything like this one!) =)


2 Responses to “Package of Awesome”

  1. alisondee March 15, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    oh wow…package of awesome indeed !!

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