Things I Love Thursday

1 Mar

  • Maltese food
  • My parents’ visit
  • Cheerful Skype calls
  • Cake
  • Money-off vouchers
  • Making red onion marmalade
  • A glorious meal
  • Meeting fascinating new people
  • Emails of gratitude
  • Google Calendar, always
  • My phone
  • A meal at The Rib Room, just outside Durham (my new favourite restaurant)
  • *shameful* a new ANTM episode
  • Shopping
  • A new bag (among lots of other things)
  • Editing
  • New furniture
  • Creams
  • “A dream close to my heart”
  • Twinkly lights and a new bedside lamp (it’s purple!)
  • My new bedside table (how did I function without you?)
  • My wonderful boyfriend and his silliness
  • News that makes me happy, even though it comes from people I don’t know and it totally won’t affect me
  • The difference between “affect” and “effect”
  • Sneaky plans
  • New garish nail polish
  • Finally buying some nail polish top coat (shine and smoothness FTW)
  • My gloriously comfy bed
  • New pyjama bottoms (they’re checked and amazing)
  • Organisation and ease-of-access
  • (Sort of) closing a chapter, and being able to start on others
  • The sound of my boyfriend making me sausages right now

Let me know what you think! =)

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