My trip to Edinburgh, in (many) pictures. (Includes pandas and penguins.)

28 Feb

At the very beginning of February, I took advantage of an opportunity to visit a postgraduate student fair in Edinburgh, and stretched the trip an extra day. It was so invigorating to take a trip to the Scottish capital again, and I had never visited in the winter (last time was for the Fringe Festival a couple of years ago – it looked positively deserted in February!). I warn you, there are a lot of pictures in store.

Below you can see my book choice for the trip. I devoured this novel during those two days and that meant a lot of tears streaming down my face while enjoying Scottish pubs.

The sunlight through the clouds as we cut our way through the countryside (on a train) between Durham and Edinburgh.

We made it to the centre of Edinburgh! This “The Friendship Centre” sign amused me.

The University of Edinburgh! Gorgeous.

Off to the fair.

This is Teviot Row House, where the fair was being held.

I had a name tag and EVERYTHING.

Their bar was in a LIBRARY. Spot the boyfriend.

Edinburgh Zoo! *flails*

Some form of wild dog which was particularly enamoured with my boyfriend.

My friend the penguin. We had a terribly deep and meaningful conversation about how it would be an EXCELLENT idea if we were to cuddle.

There were lots of penguins, actually.



Amur leopard! One of my best friends in Malta LOVES these, so I obviously made sure to have lots of conversations with this guy.

After trudging up a terribly steep hill, I had the most glorious view of Edinburgh and beyond.


The infamous deep-fried Mars bar.

A pretty plate stand.

On the Royal Mile. (It was a very beautiful, if terribly cold, day.)

Whiskies in a window display.

The good old Fringe.

All hail.

I love the layout of this shop window.

Oh my.

Church (with flags).

Scottish church chairs.

I am ridiculously amused by these “ewe” puns.

The tiniest Ardbeg miniature.

Lots of Robert Burns-ness.

We visited the Writers’ Museum.

Hidden away just off the Royal Mile.

We visited this amazing hidden-away cafeteria (literally) beneath the Royal Mile. It was called Maxie’s and their food is relatively expensive, but their set-menu was the Best Deal Ever.

I especially loved the look-and-feel of the place.

I bought this little guy from a shop called Ness, which I always visit when in Edinburgh. He’s made of Scottish sheep’s wool and he’s propped up between some of my books right now.

So. First course: amazing duck liver paté. With the best oatcakes I have ever tasted.

Main course: the vegetarian wrap of awesome, with generous dollops of guacamole and yoghurt-y stuff. Oh so yummy. And tangy.

And finally. The best chocolate cake, the best chocolate sauce, the best cream, the biggest portion. Oh my.

Pretty walls as we walked back out into the street.

Cold Claire.

The front.

Oh so many pretty things. (I bought two badges from this shop.)

Climbing Arthur’s Seat.

Such a gorgeous view.

I made it! Second time, yeah! Celebratory Scottish ginger beer.

Pizza at a really lovely pub later on that evening. I might have cried into this pizza (due to reading The Fault in Our Stars).

Claire by candlelight. (I was totally reading TFIOS .)

These are just a sneak peek of the roses that my boyfriend bought me around this time. They’re gone now, but I still have a dried-up one hanging off a bookcase. I love flowers.


8 Responses to “My trip to Edinburgh, in (many) pictures. (Includes pandas and penguins.)”

  1. Claire February 28, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

    Looks like you had a fascinating trip as ever. I would LOVE to go to Edinburgh Zoo one day! :)

  2. Rach V.Baldacchino (@rachracket) February 28, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    I love everything here! Someone give me tickets to Edinburgh now *please* :3

  3. Anna February 28, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    You met the Amur Leopard! He’s the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever had the honour to meet :D

    • clairecommando February 28, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

      He is. He even came off his little perch-place to say hai! We spoke at length. I even mentioned YOU! (Obviously.)

  4. Elle February 28, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    What wonderful pictures. Maxies looks such a cozy place. I’ll need to check it out next time i’m in Edinburgh.


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