Sunday Photo Mishmash: oysters, the Lake District, and prinjolata(!)

26 Feb

My lovely friend Annelise sent me a (heavy!) package from Malta with kwarezimal and prinjolata (Maltese Easter/Carnival/Lent-related treats). The prinjolata is gone now.

Last Tuesday, after a seminar, I waited for my boyfriend to pick me up (we rented a car this week since my parents were visiting!) and while I was waiting I popped into a local cafeteria for a hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and REALLY GOOD apple-and-cinnamon cake.

My parents treated us to lunch at a restaurant called Zizzi’s on Wednesday. It was very nice.

This was at an inn in the Yorkshire Dales. I had breaded brie with cranberry sauce – oh so yummy.

This was taken while driving through the Lake District. Oh so pretty.


I need a little backpack since I’m going to start (hopefully…) cycling everywhere, so I was considering one of these at Primark. I ended up buying another one covered in stars.

My parents were shopping at the Metrocentre and I settled down on an armchair, surrounded by shopping bags, eating some tasty mousse-y stuff.

On Friday evening my parents treated us to a meal at a SUPER fancy restaurant called The Rib Room, just outside Durham. Since it was so fancy (they take your coats off and hang them up on your own personal hangar and then PUT THEM BACK ON when you’re done), I thought I’d try oysters for the first time. They were strange but I enjoyed them.

Obviously, I had to have steak as a main meal, and this was a 6oz fillet steak (“perfect for a lady”). It was also “Ladies Night” at the restaurant, so my mum and I each got a complimentary glass of champagne! Awesome. The steak was incredibly tasty too. Perfection.

And finally, my boyfriend and I shared a raspberry and apple (something) for dessert. There was a lot of cream, and it was divine. New favourite restaurant.

We popped over to the coast, just above Sunderland, yesterday, after driving my parents to the airport, and the beach looked glorious on such a bright, sunny day.


And finally, my boyfriend made The Best Burgers Ever last night for supper.


Let me know what you think! =)

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