Sunday Photo Mishmash: monasteries, halloumi, red lipstick, Hedwig…

19 Feb

An eventful week! It was my boyfriend’s birthday, I had a lot to do (MA-wise), and I ended the week at a Benedictine monastery in Yorkshire for a retreat. Everything was wonderful.

The photo above was taken on my boyfriend’s birthday (also, Valentine’s Day), where I sported some red lipstick for the occasion.

It quickly wiped off as I dug into this divine halloumi salad (with the juiciest garlic bread ever).

This is one of my favourite Durham University buildings – mainly because of the pretty colours.

My boyfriend painted my new bike “Pink Pink” this week. I went out for a ride and I seem to have survived. The brakes still need tweaking though.

The card I got for my boyfriend’s birthday:

I ordered an “Indian Platter” at a pub on Friday, and I think it was more Mexican than Indian (what with the salsa and crepes), but oh well. Tasty bhajis.

So I went on a retreat this weekend. It was at a place called Ampleforth Abbey and this place is GORGEOUS, and also a little fancy. They even had special Ampleforth traffic cones, with the crest and everything!

The grounds at this place just went on, and on, and on.

It was really sunny over the weekend (thankfully) – but still awfully cold. This photo shows the building where we slept and relaxed.

I spotted this owl soft-toy on top of a wardrobe in an empty room. Hmmm…

And finally, I sneakily took this photo this morning during mass, because the sun’s rays through the stained glass windows were too gorgeous to not photograph. It’s a pity it’s a bit blurred, but you get the picture.


Let me know what you think! =)

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