Things I Love Thursday

9 Feb

  • Masterchef
  • An amazing meal at my dear Asian friends’ flat
  • Post-Edinburgh happiness
  • Getting home (almost every. night.)
  • Pizza when I was sick on Monday
  • Snow Patrol! Such an excellent concert.
  • Getting into a taxi after standing for ages in sub-zero temperatures
  • Finishing off some loose ends
  • Cake
  • A lovely Maltese friend visiting us for a day/night
  • Hazelnut hot chocolate with marshmallows from my favourite Durham coffeeshop
  • Durham Castle
  • Winning a photography competition!
  • Weird and wonderful music at weird and wonderful venues
  • Mixed berries and yoghurt
  • Happy days in our house
  • Packages (one with a bunch of free stuff!)
  • Sending postcards, a birthday card, and buying another birthday card
  • Buying an owl-patterned coaster for my room
  • My boyfriend playing Snow Patrol songs on his guitar
  • Pancakes
  • Starting The Hunger Games
  • Skype calls with my parents, who are practically the only people who’ll talk to me on Skype
  • Putting on some clothes instead of simply lounging around the house with my pyjamas (I’m stuck inside, sick! :()
  • My stripy bed linen. Love.
  • Roses
  • Planning birthday goodness (for other people, but also for myself!)
  • New purple trousers

Let me know what you think! =)

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